A chain of modern contactless self-service car washes

We have been implementing surface-preserving, easy and effective washing since 2015

Having tried the best washing technologies employed in Europe and the USA, we have created the most effective standard of contactless care for Lithuanian climate conditions. Our team focuses on safe, non-abrasive surface washing by altering the washing products in accordance with the temperature of the season. Each car wash is staffed with a cleanliness ensuring team.

Car washes
We have developed the largest chain of modern contactless self-service car washes in Lithuania within 6 years.
Our contactless car washes operate 24/7, we provide customer service over the phone
For the convenience of the client - H2AUTO car wash is always on your way
Contactless self-service

Modern contactless car washes of exclusive design, operating 24/7, and containing the largest interior care zone

Textile tunnel wash

An exclusive tunnel of textile cloths with an initial personal wash, and air and cloth drying afterwards

Contactless automatic

The only car wash in Lithuania employing a unique technology – no touching of the car body

Car interior care

1 minute – 1,50 €.
You can find a disinfectant liquid machine at the following addresses:
Vilnius, Parodų g. 2
Kaunas, Veiverių g. 119
Klaipėda, Kauno g. 10

3 minutes – 0,50 €
Powerful vacuum cleaners are intended for cleaning the interior of a vehicle. The narrow nozzle will allow you to reach even the narrowest of gaps.

3 minutes price – 0,50 €
Most suitable for textile mats, it dampens them with an antibacterial liquid, raises the surface and ensures the freshness of the car interior.

Any programme price: 0.50 eur
The machine dispenses a single cloth if you choose a programme No. 1-3. The cloth is dampened with a special liquid. If you choose the programme No. 4, the machine will provide two dry cloths.

1 litre of summer window washer fluid – 0,50 €
1 litre of summer window washer fluid – 0,75 €
Take advantage of a great opportunity to refill your window washer fluid tank exactly as much as you want.

Video media
How to wash your car at the H2AUTO car wash?

Different programs for different situations. What program to choose for car washing in H2AUTO car washes? Questions are answered by professionals from the H2AUTO car wash network.

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What people say
Simply the best self service car wash in the country!
Plaunu tiek mašiną, tiek dviratį. Paprasta, greita, patogu ✌️
Puiki savitarnos sistema, gerai išplauna nešvarumus ir pats gali reguliuoti naudojimosi laiku
nuolat plaunu auto šioje plovykloje ir esu ja l.patenkintas
Kolkas man asmeniškai patogiausia plovykla.
Vienos geriausių putų savitarnos plovyklose. Nuima visus purvus ir tepalus. Kitose taip gerai nenuplauna nei auto nei moto.
Super, naudosiuosi dažniau 😊
Šauni bekontaktė automobilių plovykla. Aktyvios putos efektyviais atmirko visus kėbulo nesvarumus kuriuos po to galima labai lengvai nuplauti.
Kokybiškas plovimas už nedidelę kainą
Puikiai nuplauna, vaškas irgi labai ilgai laikosi, nereikia monetų jokių mesti, nes yra kreditai. 👌

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