Contactless Self-Service
State of the art equipment, certified means - everything in your hands!

All of the programmes are calculated to the accuracy of second and you are in control of the washing speed. This allows you to pay for only what you need: you may stop washing whenever you want, interchange the programmes, and if you press the STOP button, no charges shall be applied for the pause.

With the help of the body-preserving wash, you may wash any kind of vehicles with ease and convenience at any of the contactless self-service H2AUTO car washes: motorcycles, bicycles, limousines, minibuses, small tractors or even boats.

In order to ensure effective washing, use the recommendations for programme use provided at the carwashes. You may learn more about each of them by pressing the interactive image below.

Spray the foam horizontally, from the bottom to the top - this will soke the grime accumulated on the body.
Wash off the soaked grime with the help of high pressure and season-matching shampoo.
Use hard water to wash off the remnants of the washing products and prepare the body for the protective layer.
The liquid wax performs a double function:
a) It covers the body with a protective layer that fills in the micro scratches of the paint.
b) It removes the remnants of the hard water from the body and makes the vehicle shine.
Distilled water contains no limescale impurities, that is why by washing the vehicle with distilled water, the remnants of liquid wax are removed, and once the water dries off, there are no traces of water drops - the body simply glistens.
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Car interior care

1 minute – 1,50 €.
You can find a disinfectant liquid machine at the following addresses:
Vilnius, Parodų g. 2
Kaunas, Veiverių g. 119
Klaipėda, Kauno g. 10

3 minutes – 0,50 €
Powerful vacuum cleaners are intended for cleaning the interior of a vehicle. The narrow nozzle will allow you to reach even the narrowest of gaps.

3 minutes price – 0,50 €
Most suitable for textile mats, it dampens them with an antibacterial liquid, raises the surface and ensures the freshness of the car interior.

Any programme price: 0.50 eur
The machine dispenses a single cloth if you choose a programme No. 1-3. The cloth is dampened with a special liquid. If you choose the programme No. 4, the machine will provide two dry cloths.

1 litre of summer window washer fluid – 0,50 €
1 litre of summer window washer fluid – 0,75 €
Take advantage of a great opportunity to refill your window washer fluid tank exactly as much as you want.