H2AUTO card - for all of the car wash services
  • The H2AUTO customer card is intended for activating all of the H2AUTO services. The card is valid at all H2AUTO car washes. It is multiuse, made of plastic, and humidity-resistant


  • H2AUTO card terminals are installed in all of the service zones: in every car wash box, vacuum cleaner, mat washing, window wash fluid, and cloth machines .


  • If you wish to activate any of the services, simply insert the card into the reader and choose a service


  • You may top up your card at any time, by any amount, at a card sales cash desk, or by transferring the funds to the account of our company.


  • Every card has a unique number printed on its back. It can be seen when inserting the card into a card terminal.


  • Here you will be able to see a report regarding the funds, the history of washing services, your account balance, as well as the accumulated premiums. You will be able to take advantage of loyalty benefits.

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