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Disinfectant liquid

You can find a disinfectant liquid machine at the following addresses:


Vilnius, Parodų g. 2
Kaunas, Veiverių g. 119
Klaipėda, Kauno g. 10


When a car is driven by multiple persons or passengers ride along often, the cleanliness and security is our top priority. That is why, appreciating the expectations of our clients, we suggest disinfecting your vehicle. Once disinfected, the interior of the vehicle shall become extremely clean, but most importantly – all of the viruses and bacteria shall be removed.


The self-service disinfection machine shall allow you to disinfect your vehicle at any time. The disinfectant liquid is certified in Lithuania and is suitable for use on any surfaces. However, it is not recommended to apply it on the windows.


1 minute – 1,50 €.


Important:: It is necessary to follow the rules when disinfecting a vehicle. Said rules can be found on the disinfectant liquid machine.

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