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Vacuum cleaners

Powerful vacuum cleaners are intended for cleaning the interior of a vehicle. The narrow nozzle will allow you to reach even the narrowest of gaps.
In order to achieve the best results, we recommend you to remove the mats before vacuum cleaning the interior. For mats (textile), we suggest using the mat brushing device!
Afterwards, you shall be taken aback – you will not have seen them so bright and fresh!
For the last stage, once the cleaning is completed, if you find yourself near the new vacuum, we recommend spraying the textile mats with antibacterial spray which shall remove any fermentation bacteria and leave behind a fresh and pleasant scent of cleanliness, which shall remain for at least a week.


At the brand new H2AUTO car washes you shall find vacuums with many different functions! We suggest the popular high-pressure function, and the antibacterial spray for the interior.


3 minutes – 0,50 €.


Attention: Before turning on the vacuum cleaner, make sure you have not left any important small items in your vehicle. If, by accident, the vacuum cleaner has sucked in an important piece, please call the customer service. The number is provided at the car washes.